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Every company has a unique identity, and we think that identity should be expressed clearly on the website. However, not all websites can keep their audience's attention with the same standard website designs, especially if people view your website from a variety of various devices with varying screen sizes. The custom website redesign service offered by ClickBox in India is created with your target market, industry, and most crucial target audience in mind.

To give your audience new content, it is crucial to update the look of your website. ClickBox is a reputable website redesigning company in India that can assist you in revamping a website to give it a unique look, call-to-action, and captivating visual appeal. Your engagement is how we start the process of redesigning the website. Your feedback on your current website, your dislikes about it, and your expectations for a website redesign will be carefully recorded by our web developers and UX designers as they listen to you.

We will draw ideas from websites you admire, gather the necessary information from your current website, and consult with your team to determine what kind of website redesign or website renovation will satisfy you. We'll start working on the website revamp once we get all the data.
Every step of the website redesign process will keep you updated. After the website creation is complete, we'll move all the data over to the new website and make it public.


Various Sectors that Can Benefit from Our Website Redesign Services Are

A well-designed website communicates the value of your brand, thus it is essential to have one that tempts visitors to stay on it for an extended period of time so that brand awareness and conversion can rise. As a top website redesign company, we have years of expertise redesigning websites and know how to update the entire site to give both new users and returning visitors a fresh experience.

At ClickBox, our team of website redesign specialists is experienced in creating cutting-edge solutions for clients in a wide range of sectors and verticals. The team providing website redesign and revamping website services is committed to assisting companies in the travel, hospitality & restaurant, educational, medical, and real estate sectors to increase their leads, conversions, and repeat business.

Why Choose ClickBox For Website Redesign Service?

A comprehensive range of website design services is offered by ClickBox to both small and large businesses. Our team of skilled web designers and seasoned digital marketing professionals create user-friendly business websites and dynamic web applications using the most recent technology and tried-and-true marketing techniques, then market them to increase client reach.

Customer Engagement

The foundation of our website builder is design and simplicity. We design, adapt and market a beautiful website. Our website builder aids in realizing your distinctive vision. No prior design or coding knowledge is necessary. Create your own unique, mobile-friendly website with digital wording.

Affordable Price

Our sequence pricing is reasonable and competitive. The benefit for our customers is that they can select the segment based on their comfort and happiness. Our non-premium segment offers excellent goods and services.

Easy and Effective

Our service platform provides a number of solutions that are simple to adopt and plug in. It offers a variety of goods, services, and solutions that users can choose from according to their needs and convenience.

Experienced Website Developers

Our skilled designers, who have experience working on a variety of projects, will be at your disposal as needed. We pledge to assist you swiftly, urgently, and, of course, with a human connection.

Choices For Our Website Redesign Service

Redesigned E-commerce Website
Our service for redesigning e-commerce websites assists companies with rebranding, lowering bounce rates and card abandonment, and enhancing user experience (UX).

Redesign of a B2C Website
Your website's visitors will spend more time on it for longer, which will improve engagement and boost conversions thanks to our customer-focused B2C website redesign.

Redesign of a B2B website
Redesigning the corporate website will increase email subscribers and quote/demo requests. Our goal is to provide your website a professional, recognizable style that distinguishes you from competitors.

Access to MarketingCloudFX
You want a revamped website that not only looks great but also generates income. Because of this, we created MarketingCloudFX, our platform for accelerating revenue that facilitates quicker and easier tracking, measuring, and revenue capture.

Custom web design
A creative design unique to your company drives our website redevelopment process. In order to build a website that effectively represents your brand and increases your online visibility, we consider your target demographic, the design of your logo, and your website goals.
We create an adaptive website, all of our expert website redesigns come with a responsive design, ensuring that your website looks great on all gadgets, including computers, tablets, and mobile phones. You won't have to worry about developing a special "mobile website" if you choose a responsive design.


Our Clients

Our Work Process

For expanding online businesses, ClickBox provides website redesign service. The greatest UX strategies are the main emphasis of our website redesign and development process. With regard to lead generation and brand recognition requirements, we will fulfill the commercial requirements of the website redesign. We provide website redesign, development, and digital marketing services to increase website traffic, user experience, and return on investment.

Recognition of Customers' Needs

In order to go forward in the proper way, we first carefully and thoroughly listen to our client's needs. Next, we make sure to answer all of their questions.

Conceptual Model and Planning

To make the process of developing your website manageable and structured, we create a tested plan. We are aware of how critical it is to both accomplish objectives and provide excellent customer experiences.

Design and Implement

When a platform is finished being designed, we deliver it to the client for review and input. We will continue looking for creative finishing touches till you are pleased with our work. The approved design will then be developed and coded.


To ensure that the website is responsive, user-friendly, and error-free in accordance with Web standards validation, we test it on a variety of devices and employ cutting-edge techniques. If there is a problem, we make sure to fix it so that we can provide high-quality projects. Our website redesign service is best for creating a professional website for your company.


After ensuring that your website is error-free, we deploy it to your server for market launch, making it accessible to you, your staff, and users. In case you encounter any performance problems, we also offer maintenance and assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Redesigning a website involves updating it with fresh themes and elements. This distinguishes your website from those of your competitors.

If your website appears dated or if the design does not match your brand identity, it might need to be updated. A website makeover can boost your online visibility, attract more visitors, and alter the entire appearance of your website.

The size of the website you want to design, along with the features and tools you want to use during the website redesigning process, will all affect how much the service to redesign your website will cost. To get a complete quote price, kindly contact ClickBox.

With a team of digital designers who specialize in redesigning and creating mobile-friendly websites, ClickBox is an award-winning website redesign company that:

  • Greater leads.

  • Increases sales.

  • Reduce marketing expenses.

  • Make their brands stand out in the marketplace.

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