The Definition of These "Explainer Videos"?


Explainer videos are animated presentations of concepts, goods, or services that are meant to get people interested and possibly convert them into buyers. By adding interesting visual elements, like useful information, companies are growing their online profile and making more people aware of their products.

A lot of companies pick animated explainer video services in india because studies show that pictures are 60,000 times easier for the brain to understand than words. Besides that, it makes people feel something and pushes them to make a smart choice.

Take a look at one of the fun 3D explanation Companies that our skilled team made for Mbits. It is the best platform for scientific study in the world, and its main focus is on the possibilities of blockchain technology.

What are the Benefits of Choosing an Animated Explainer Video Services?

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Get More People   To Buy

If someone sees an explainer video company in coimbatore first, they are more likely to buy it. When you use an explainer film, your conversion rate may go up by 20%.

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Makes brands   stronger

With a unique best explainer video service coimbatore, you can make characters that people can relate to, use your own colour scheme, and tell your story with a script that is just right for you. In the end, this turns your customers into brand fans.

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Helps you   stand out

Explainer films set your business apart from others in the same field by highlighting the unique features of your product. People are more likely to remember your business than others if your video is creative and interesting.

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To Get a   Better ROI

It costs a lot more for agencies to make videos than it does for explainer video companies in Coimbatore. With a properly made explainer service in India, you can take advantage of this and see a small investment pay off in a big way.

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It makes things more   visible

Every company wants to be on the first page of Google's search results. You can move up in the search engine results with explainer films! Statistics show that if your website has a video on it, the chances of it being on the first page of a Google search are 50 times higher.

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It works   great on phones

Text and pictures don't work as well on small screens as explainer films do. You should seriously consider producing explainer films, given that mobile devices are now the primary driver of all digital growth.

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Services for Creating Clickbox-Based Explanation Videos

Welcome to Clickbox, the best explainer video company in India! A group of highly skilled professionals on our team makes interesting, high-quality pictures that help businesses reach their clients.We offer a range of scalable options to meet the needs of any organisation, since we know that each one has unique requirements. We can help you, whether you want a simple cartoon or a difficult live-action show.

Our effective method will ensure that your job is finished on time and within the budget you set. From the start to the finish, we work closely with you to make sure we fully understand your goals and ideas. We'll also keep you up-to-date on the creation process so that you're happy with the end result.

Software We Use

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Videos for App & Product Demos

App demo videos are short, informative movies that show off how a mobile app works and what features it has. These movies are often used to get people to download the app or to show new users how to use it quickly.

Product demo films show what a product can do and how it can help people. You can use these movies to both promote the product to people who might buy it and teach new users how to use it.

Greetings for new clients & staff members

Videos for training new customers are meant to help them get started with a product or service. Most of the time, these movies show an overview of the product or service and then show you how to use it step by step.

Videos for onboarding new employees teach them about the company's rules, procedures, and way of doing things. New hires can get a consistent message from these movies, and they can also save time and money during the training process.

Videos for Event & Sales

Event videos record the most important parts of a live event, like a product launch, meeting, or trade show. You can use these movies to promote future events or give people who missed the event a recap.

Sales company are used to get people interested in a product or service. You can show off the good things about the product or service in these movies and also ask people to do something.

Videos for teaser and videographics

Teaser videos are short videos that get people's attention and are used to sell a product or event that is coming up soon. The point of these movies is to get people interested and excited.

Videos that mix animation and graphics to show information in an interesting way are called videographics. You can use these movies to break down complicated ideas or give a short, interesting summary of information.

Videos for Ads & Trainings

Video ads are used to get people interested in a product or service. You can post these ads on other websites, social media sites, or video-sharing sites.

Films that teach people how to use a product or service are called training films. You can use these videos to train your employees consistently or to show new people how to do things.

Our Portfolio has Recently

Explanatory Videos of Various Types

2D Animation

2D animation uses perspective to give the impression of depth, even though the characters and settings are only shown in two dimensions. This kind of best animation explainer video was great for both B2C and B2B businesses because it made people feel something, which made it easy to share.

Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animation explainer videos are great for getting into more detail about how to use a product, service, or process. Simply drawing simple black-and-white pictures on a wall is what this method does to help explain a subject.

Live Action

There is a camera that records everything in live-action movies. Businesses that want to connect with possible customers on a personal level can use this method, which shows real people in real situations. This style works really well in explainer videos for India because it can keep people's attention.

Stop Motion

It is a way to make something look like it is moving by taking pictures of it as it is moved in very small steps. This method is pricey, though, and if you need to change something, you might not be able to, or it would take a lot of time and money.


With this style, an idea is shown through the movement of letters. The movie can be set up to draw attention to certain parts and help people remember them if the right typefaces are used. This type gets extra points for having a low price and a shorter creation time.


A screencast is a digital copy of a screen capture that has sound added to it. Many companies use it, especially for tutorials, because it's one of the best alternatives to making videos. You can use this method to show how your platform or software works; it is very complicated.

How We Make an Explanation Video

research and analysis
Video Style Choosing:

After choosing the type of video you want to make (drawn, live-action, or a mix of the two), do the first step. Your brand, message, and viewers will determine this.

planning and implementation
Create a script:

Once you've chosen the style of your video, the next step is to create an interesting story that gets your message across to the audience. This needs to be readable, short, and clear.

Record and edit:

Once you have the script, it's time to record and edit the audio commentary. For clear, professional-sounding audio, this should be done in a quiet place with good tools.

reporting and analysis
Obtain graphics, video, and other assets:

Depending on the type of film you're making, you may need to acquire pictures, video clips, or other things to include in your video. Starting this early will keep you from being caught off guard later on.

research and analysis
Media Optimisation:

Once you have all of your assets, you can begin editing and arranging them to make a movie that flows well and gets your message across clearly.

planning and implementation
Include music:

Music can give your video more feeling and power. If you want to improve the general experience, pick a song that fits the mood and style of your video.

Publication and sharing:

Long overdue, it's finally time to start promoting and sending your video to the people you had in mind the whole time. People in the crowd have been waiting patiently for this moment.

reporting and analysis
Monitor performance:

Using tracking tools, you can keep an eye on how well your video is doing and make changes as needed.


Now is the time to boost your business with fully customised animated explainer videos service. We can make both business and whiteboard films based on your needs and our experience. You've come to the right place in India for animated explanation videos! Together with you, we make an "out-of-the-box" company that people will really want to watch to spread the word about your company's values and ideas. Your happiness is our first concern.

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Frequently Asked Questions

As the name suggests, an explainer video is a short, interesting video that clearly and simply describes a product, service, or idea. Using it can boost company awareness, engagement, and conversion rates.

An explainer video can be any length, based on what it's about and why it's being made. Most of the time, they last between 30 seconds and 2 minutes.

Our team works closely with you to better understand your goals, message, and customers. Later, we write a script, make visuals, record voice-overs, and edit the video to make sure it gets your point across clearly.

Of course! We work with you to make sure that the movie fits with your brand's identity by adding things like colours, logos, and slogans.

The price of an explainer movie changes based on its length, difficulty, and quality, among other things. Based on your unique needs, our team will give you a quote that fits those needs.

The software makes animations, and cameras record videos. Video can't do as many things as animation can. It's easier to make talking goats move than to find real ones to film. The best animation explainer videos make people more creative.



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