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SEO Packages for Increasing Traffic, Sales, and Organic Rankings!

Are you trying to find budget friendly best SEO packages? If so, join ClickBox's affordable SEO packages. We offer cheap and customized SEO packages that support the needs of each client's business rather than fixed-price monthly SEO packages.

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Our internal employees enable effective communication and ensure that your company receives the outcomes you deserve. We customize our SEO packages and programs for every customer because we are aware of your particular needs. We offer a variety of SEO services, such as tag optimization, landing page construction, content production, and website code optimization. In place of speculating, we employ techniques that have been proved to work.
In addition to optimizing your search engine results, ClickBox SEO services can help you with conversion, domain authority, and brand recognition. As a leading SEO company ClickBox Agency offers affordable SEO Packages that are well worth the money. You can rank higher in Google search results with the aid of our SEO solutions.
We handle every part of SEO, from keyword rankings to website optimization, to quickly improve your organic traffic.

Our SEO Services Include,

  • On-Page SEO

  • Off-Page SEO

  • Content Marketing

  • Traffic Analysis

Our On-Page SEO

You may optimize your entire website for improved SEO results with the support of our SEO packages. The most crucial aspect we focused on while performing SEO for any website is on-site optimization. A successful on-page SEO marketing strategy can immediately improve a website's ranking in Google search results. Check our on-site SEO technique below.

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Website Audit and Error Correction

To identify the website's problem, we conduct a comprehensive site assessment for our clients. To improve user experience, we evaluate website architecture, sitemap, URL structure, navigation, robots file optimization, and loading times. With the help of the initial website analysis, we'll be able to choose the best strategy for improving SEO and growing your audience.

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Keyword Research

ClickBox's search engine optimization specialists conduct keyword research to determine the most appropriate and pertinent search phrase for your goods and services. It is a significant step in our SEO process that helps us further optimize websites' on-page content and keyword density. We pay particular attention to the client's target market when doing keyword research and analysis.

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Content Analysis

To identify the parts that can be improved during our content optimization, our team of SEO professionals conducts a thorough content audit. For improved SEO results, we study each and every page and develop a plan for content production and content optimization. This also aids in the editing of content and the production of high-quality content. To make the material more relevant to the target audience, we look at page names, prominence, variety, keyword density, heading tags, proximity, and many other characteristics.

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Conversion Tracking Layout

The most crucial aspect we focus on during our SEO operations is conversion. For this, we first have a conversation with our clients to determine what constitutes an actual conversion for them and how much that conversion is worth. Then, as part of our on-page SEO process, we set up conversion monitoring, goal setup, and value in Google analytics. It assists our client in tracking conversion, evaluating the effectiveness of our efforts, and analyzing user behavior and site traffic.

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Competitor Analysis

In order to give our client's website a competitive advantage, SEO specialists also do a detailed investigation of its competitors. In order to develop a more effective SEO plan, we examine the domain authority and back linking tactics of their website.

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Backlink Analysis

During the on-page search engine optimization approach, we perform a check on the link profile to find spam backlinks that may eventually affect the website and delete those backlinks.

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Tool configuration

In order to optimize, track conversions, and increase website traffic, ClickBox always makes use of the advantages of robust automated tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Google Tag Manager. If they are not already there on the site, we additionally set up a sitemap and robots file to aid in even better outcomes.

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Blog Inspect

Our Team thoroughly examines the Blog to identify places that can be optimized to strengthen the site design. To improve website usability and yield quicker results, we look for internal linking and optimized anchor text. For quicker social media marketing usage, we set up social sharing.

Our Off-Page SEO

Another essential feature of our SEO marketing plan is off-page SEO. The term "off-page" also refers to link building. Our link-building strategies are risk-free and entirely ethical. Our staff of link builders strictly adheres to Google's backlink generation standards. Additionally, they put a lot of effort into content marketing to create high-quality, natural backlinks that would help our client's website rank highly. Your website's link profile is improved by more high-quality backlinks. Check our off-site SEO technique below:

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Blogger Outreach

To develop backlinks from high-quality material, the team seeks out bloggers that are relevant to the market of our customer. We give them the URL to the appropriate page on our website so they can link back.

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Content Optimization

Our experts primarily concentrate on producing high-quality content and marketing it to create backlinks from websites that include press releases, blogs, and articles.

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Local References

Local citations support local search engine optimization (SEO) for maps. Local citations can boost the chance of lead creation because local buyers occasionally look for nearby service suppliers. Increasing your web presence is beneficial.

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Creating and Sharing Infographics

In order to obtain quality backlinks from authoritative websites, we produce and distribute high-quality infographics online. We share this because customers are more excited to see infographics. We produce infographics using already-existing content from our website.

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Video Editing

In order to distribute visual content on the internet and simply obtain organic backlinks, we produce explainer movies and whiteboard animations of the highest quality.

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Creations of Social Media Profiles

Social media accounts quickly improve customers' online reputations. These social media networks can be quite beneficial for managing the online reputation of corporate clients if the client has some negative reviews or comments in search engine results.

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Submissions In Press Releases

Press releases assist customers in filling out events like awards and promotions, etc. Our team carefully examines the specifics of the event or programme and then creates a well-curated information piece that promotes it.

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Blog Postings

Blogs support SEO optimization efforts and produce beneficial outcomes. These blogs can also be used for social media marketing to reach out to potential customers. In order to support our efforts at online marketing, we optimize the content of our blogs for keywords.

Invest In SEO Packages

Why Should You Invest In SEO Packages?

If your business isn't ranked in search engine results for your products and services but your competitors are, and you run a local or Ecommerce business, it may be difficult for you and your company to survive in this competitive industry.
An experienced SEO agency will help you in this services. With the correct affordable SEO package for small business, you can rank on the first page of any search engine for the keywords you want. We all know that people use search engines to find the goods and services they require, therefore if your company is not easily found, potential customers won't get in touch with you. The correct SEO company can perform market research and assist you in gaining customers.

Purpose of Investing In SEO Packages

SEO is efficient
SEO is efficient

Though they are unaware of it, many people believe that SEO is ineffective. Although SEO takes time, once you are on the first page of search results, your website begins to receive high-quality organic traffic, as well as phone calls and leads. Several research has demonstrated that leads from organic traffic are effective clients

SEO- High traffic
SEO- High traffic

Your website receives high-quality traffic via SEO, and traffic increases leads and domain authority. When customers are looking for your goods or services, SEO makes your company more apparent to them. Additionally, it helps in attracting a more targeted audience to your online business-related content.

SEO is Affordable
SEO is Affordable

If you are unaware of the cost of SEO, you shouldn't worry because your SEO agency may develop a customized SEO package that matches your demands. Since SEO packages are known to be dependent on the number of keywords you choose, you can customize your SEO packages to the quantity of your most significant keywords.

What to Check While Purchasing SEO Packages?

You should be aware of the services you are receiving in your SEO packages because search engine optimization is a long-term process. You don't evaluate the SEO strategies? Then you could not find the ideal SEO strategy for promoting your company.

Here are the things to look for when purchasing SEO package prices from an SEO company if you are looking for the best SEO packages online:

Keyword Selection:

The most crucial step in any SEO strategy is choosing the right keywords. If you don't conduct adequate keyword research, your SEO campaign won't produce the expected outcomes.

Competitor Analysis:

It is essentially difficult to outrank your competitors without knowing what is assisting them in their improved rankings, thus you should avoid using your SEO company's organic SEO packages if they do not include competitor analysis.

Content Marketing:

These days, content is important, so your SEO package should include a proper content development plan. Your content should be original and give your viewers the knowledge they require.

It's time to deal with an SEO company that is results-driven and can boost your search traffic and sales. Contact ClickBox's Agency!!!

Invest In SEO Packages

Our SEO Packages

First Month Activities

SEO Professional Audit

In-depth SEO audit analyzing pages for technical, on-page, and off-page aspects, providing comprehensive insights.

30 pages

70 pages

100 pages

Initial Setup & Analysis

Google Search Console - Setup & Review

Setting up and reviewing the Google Search Console guarantees accurate data, improving both insights and performance.

Google Analytics - Setup & Review

Website performance may be improved by better understanding after setting up and reviewing Google Analytics.

Keyword To URL Mapping

Precise keyword-to-URL mapping enhances SEO strategy, improving relevancy and visibility.

Baseline Ranking Setup

Proper keyword-to-URL mapping improves SEO strategy by boosting both relevance and visibility.

Baseline Organic Search Report Setup

In order to successfully monitor SEO development and assess improvements, a baseline ranking setup must be established.

Competitor Analysis

Achieve greater understanding of your organic search success by comparing it to a baseline report.

Google Penalty Check

Comprehensive competitor analysis facilitates competitive advantage and identifies growth opportunities.

Optimisation work starting in the second month

Regular Google penalty reviews ensure SEO health, conformance, and visibility.

Ecommerce SEO

Product Image Enhancement

The optimization of product images serves to improve both their aesthetic appeal and loading performance.

Category Page Schema Markups

The use of structured data markup on product pages enhances their readability for search engines.

Optimisation for Product Pages

Optimizing category pages helps online stores get more clients and make their pages easier to find.

Rich Snippets Improvements

The process of content optimization aims to enhance the visibility and click-through rates of web pages by generating rich snippets.

SEO Optimization of Pages Related to a Brand

Brand exposure and online presence may both be improved through optimized brand pages.

Titles of Product Pages and Meta Descriptions

Rich snippets from content optimization boost visibility and click-through rates.

Product Page Enhancement Suggestion

Better search results and a better experience for users by giving suggestions on how to make product pages better.

Schema Markup Integration

The implementation of schema markup for ratings and reviews can lead to improved credibility and visibility in search results.

Page Recommendations

Enhanced indexing and user navigation techniques for optimizing the management of paginated facts.

Filtered/URL Parameters Handling

Better crawlability and user experience with the optimization of filtering and URL parameters management.

Out-of-stock Product Page Handling

Improved handling of out-of-stock product pages maintained search rankings and user satisfaction.

Analysis of the Shopping Cart Funnel and Recommendations

Increased conversion rates and user experience as a result of shopping cart funnel research and optimization.

Google Analytics Conversion Tracking Configuration

Google Analytics' conversion monitoring allows for precise tracking and analysis of website conversions.

Google Analytics Goal Conversion Configuration Suggestions

Effective monitoring of key actions with recommendations for configuring goal conversions in Google Analytics.

Help with configuring Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking Code

Detailed ecommerce analytics with implementation guidance for enhanced monitoring code.

Technical SEO

Technical Audit Tracker Creation & Periodic Review

To keep an eye on ongoing website health and technology audit jobs, a tracker is made and looked over.

Support For SEO Audit Implementation

ClickBox helps put the suggestions from the SEO audit into action so that the website works better.

Robots.txt Creation & Optimization

The robots.txt file is set up to help search engine crawlers find material and limit who can view it.

XML Sitemap Creation & Submission

An XML sitemap improves a website's discoverability by facilitating indexing and crawling by search engines.

Structured Data Markup Recommendation & Review

In order to enhance search engine comprehension of your information, we recommend the utilization of structured data markup.

Suggestions to improve Page Speed & Core Web Vitals Scores

Proposals are provided to improve page performance and Core Web Vitals scores in order to increase user experience and rankings.

Custom 404 Page Review & Recommendation

The customized 404 error page has been designed to enhance user experience and facilitate search engine crawling.

Mobile Friendly Test Review & Recommendations

Mobile friendliness is looked at, and suggestions are made for the ways to get the best results on mobile devices.

SSL Check

For safe website access, SSL certificate installation and HTTPS security are checked.

Site Architecture Audit

A analysis of the site's architecture is performed with the goal of improving its usability.

Ongoing detailed SEO Audit & Recommendations

Regular and detailed SEO audits offer constant recommendations for pursuing development.

Recommendations for improving Crawling, Indexing & Rendering

Guidance are provided to enhance the processes of crawling, indexing, and rendering website material by search engines.

Hreflang Implementation

Hreflang tags are utilized to facilitate language and regional targeting on websites that cater to several languages and countries.

On-page SEO

Title Tags Optimization

Enhancing Search Visibility and Click-through Rates with Optimized Title Tags.

Meta Description Optimization

Meta summaries that are written to get people interested in search results.

Header Tags Optimization

Structured keyword-rich headings for improved search engine readability.

URL Structure Recommendation & Review

Review and optimization of URL structure for easy indexing and navigation by users.

Duplicate Content Analysis

Identifying and fixing duplicate content problems will help business rank better in searches and stay out of trouble.

Canonical Recommendations

Implementing canonical tags help us simplify thing and avoid duplication problems.

Image Optimization

Images are optimized to provide quicker loading times, better the user experience, and increase search engine indexing.

Video Optimization

Videos optimized by metadata and schema markup for enhanced search engine visibility.

HTML Sitemap Review & Recommendation

Reviewed and optimized HTML sitemap for enhanced user navigation and search engine indexing.

Footer Links Review & Recommendation (If Any)

Audit and optimize footer links for navigation and search engine crawling.

Internal Links Recommendation

Website structure and link equity distribution were both boosted by exciting internal linking.

External Links Review & Recommendation Frequency

A review of external connections is conducted to assess their quality and frequency.

Existing Pages: Content Recommendation

Content suggestions are made to enhance the current page's relevancy, readability, and search engine rankings.

New Pages: Content Recommendations (Blog/Services/Product)

New page content ideas are provided to further facilitate search engine optimization and user involvement.

Existing Pages: Content Recommendation

Content suggestions are made to enhance the current page's relevancy, readability, and search engine rankings.

Links Optimization

Link Redirect Checks

Checking redirects to assure the best possible user experience and search engine indexing.

Disavow File Review & Recommendation (If Required)

If necessary, reviewing and making suggestions for making or changing a disavow file to get rid of low-quality or fake backlinks.

Video, Presentations & Infographic submissions

Submitting videos, presentations, and infographics for better exposure and attract backlinks.

Backlink Audit

Checking the backlink profile to evaluate the quality, relevance, and hazards of existing links.

Article Submission

Article submission to high-quality directories may boost your site's visibility, inbound links, and credibility as a whole.

Q&A Posting

Engaging in question-and-answer forums as a means of establishing expertise and including pertinent backlinks.

Youtube Optimization

Existing Video Optimization

Optimize your already-published videos further by upgrading their tags, keywords, titles, and thumbnails.

No. of Videos to be optimized per month

Develop a schedule for monthly video optimization based on your top goals and the resources you have available.

Video Title, Description & Thumbnail Recommendations

Improve the video's performance by suggesting improvements to the title, description, and thumbnail.

Video Cards and End Screen Suggestions

Make use of video cards and end screens strategically to boost publicity and increased audience engagement.

New Video Suggestions

New ideas for videos should be sparked by research into keywords and the interests of the audience.


Keywords Ranking Report (Upto)

Tracking the success and advancement of SEO requires monitoring and reporting on the keyword ranks.

Competitors' Rank Tracking (Upto)

Look at how your competitors are ranked to find ways to grow and stay ahead of the competition.

Organic Search Market Share Report

Analyze the market share and visibility of the website using organic search results.

Search Console Impressions And Clicks Reporting

In Google Search Console, you can track views and clicks to learn a lot about how well your ads are doing.

Google Analytics Sessions Report

Using Google Analytics to look at website activities and understand user engagement and behavior.

User Experience Report (Page Load Time, Bounce Rate, Etc.)

Improve performance by optimizing page load time and bounce rate.

Backlink Report

Check the number and quality of backlinks to boost your influence and trustworthiness.

Core Web Vitals Report

In order to enhance user experience and improve search engine results, it is important to optimize the basic web important metrics.

SEO Scorecard

Make a detailed report to check how well your website is doing in terms of SEO generally.

Customised KPIs Reporting

Define and monitor key performance indicators that are unique and aligned with business objectives.

Analysis via SEMrush, Ahrefs & Moz

Deeply analyze and act on findings using industry-leading tools.

Channel-wise Traffic Bi-furcation report

Understand how traffic sources affect website performance.

Audience Demographic Report

Learn the demographics of website traffic for more effective targeted marketing.

Ecommerce Conversion Rate Report

Track and optimize ecommerce conversions to boost sales performance.

Cost Per Acquisition & Return on Investment (ROI) Report

Assess the efficiency of SEO by measuring cost per acquisition and return on investment.

Report Frequency

Setting reports frequency for SEO monitoring and optimization for better performance.

Our SEO Packages Includes

Keyword Rank Tracking
Keyword Rank Tracking

We track the positions of keywords a website ranks for in search engine result pages using keyword rank tracking (SERPs)

Website Monitoring
Website Monitoring

In order to evaluate the efficiency of our SEO marketing campaign, we also give our clients regular Google Analytics and Google Search Console reports.

Regular Reporting
Regular Reporting

We frequently report the updates for every client's website, which includes in SEO packages.

Our Clients

Frequently Asked Questions

The general public is ignorant of the factors involved in search engine optimization. The overall view is impacted by some things. Plagiarism, poor placement, and the usage of bizarre fonts all significantly slow down page rank growth.
However, there are a few well-known techniques that people prefer to use for SEO. Search engine spiders scan the entire internet, returning zeros and ones depending on the parameters. These ones and zeros are then fed into a special algorithm, which determines the order of all the pages in accordance.

The best way to advertise your business is through search engine optimization. You may invest a lot in online company promotion and see a corresponding increase in profits. However, if you use search engine optimization, you can drive traffic to your website just by improving its appearance.
The growing necessity of skilled marketers and SEO specialists is a striking example of why SEO is crucial. The businesses are able to get excellent traffic to their websites with minimal marketing investment. The offerings of the service provider will then affect the conversion rate. In the digital age, search engine optimization is essential for organizations. Your website would be simply one of millions of others without SEO.

Yes, we do; we carefully analyze each and every one of our clients' demands before customizing a package to best meet their needs.

The reasons why your website is not ranked on Google can vary. Your website might not be optimized for search engines as one possible explanation. By making sure that your website's title tags, meta descriptions, header tags, and image alt text are all properly filled out, you can raise its ranking.
Additionally, make sure that the material on your website is both high quality and keyword-rich. Building links to your website from other trustworthy websites is another way to raise your position. Consult with a seasoned SEO company if you're unaware of how to optimize your website or develop links.

There are many SEO package options available. But are they really worth the expense? That depends on the kind of your company. An SEO package might be a terrific approach to boost your website's ranking in search engines if you're just getting started.
Additionally, if you want to raise the rating of your website, an SEO package is unquestionably something you should think about. However, if your company has been around for a while and your website is well-known, an SEO package might not provide enough value to warrant the expense. If so, it could be wiser to concentrate on other components of your marketing plan.

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