Social media is a battlefield of competitive businesses. Every business markets their product on these platforms to reach a vast audience. We live in an age where digitalization is at its peak.

According to statista, there are about 5 billion internet users globally that is 63 percent of the world's population as of the data acquired in April 2022. India, China and the US are ranked top as the top internet users.

As we have maximum internet users, marketing online is a great idea to boost your business profits. Some businesses are lucky enough to skyrock as soon as they start marketing campaigns, some businesses struggle harder to come to the top. If the business owner has the right marketing plan,quality contents and creativity to reach their potential customers, surely their business is likely to succeed. Following the trends of social media is also significant in the marketing campaigns.

Some of the popular social media platforms are:

  • ● Facebook

  • ● Instagram

  • ● Twitter

  • ● Snapchat

  • ● LinkedIn


Viral marketing

As social media users, sometimes we see a product shared widely and become popular in an instant. We all hear the word viral everyday.

To give you an idea, during pandemic covid-19, Google launched a marketing campaign to promote zoom, a video conferencing platform in march 2020. People were working remotely and zoom introduced a virtual background contest where people could share videos and images using their background features. The lucky winners were given gifts and giveaways. This contest was conducted every month and three people were elected as winners. By this time 50,000 users signed up for this and soon this campaign became viral and one of the best viral marketing campaigns in the year 2020. Soon more people signed up and got to explore their new features and Google made sure that the features enticed the customers.


Viral marketing strategy is an online marketing campaign where people or customers share your products/services to a vast audience in leaps and bounds and bring brand awareness.

Advantages of viral marketing

Viral marketing campaign has many advantages, which includes:

Low Cost - a high quality engaging content or a simple idea is enough to campaign your product online. People will share your post so the cost of marketing is zero.
Wide Reach - your brand will be able to reach a vast audience by sharing and resharing.
Booming Business - viral marketing shoots up your business revenue and thereby expanding your brand.
Credibility - as more customers get familiarized with your product, other audiences will feel secure to purchase your service.

Types of Viral Marketing

Organic Viral Marketing

At times, without any effort from the marketers side, their product or services go viral. Social media is unpredictable. Your product can go viral as a positive or negative campaign. Luck plays a significant role in this type of marketing.


You can offer discounts or gifts to anyone who refers your brand to a friend. You can also ask them to share your brand product and then offer money or gifts. This viral marketing campaign works because everyone likes freebies.

Engineered Viral Marketing

Engineered viral marketing type is based on planned and controlled marketing. Business owners or marketers will have to come up with a master plan to promote their products in various social marketing platforms. These set of strategies when executed will rapidly result in becoming a viral sensation.


Some contents posted in social media bring out a lot of sentiments. Laughter, tears, joy ,humor, anger and guilt are some of the emotions stirred by some posts. This will enable the audience to share the posts to a larger audience.

Pass Along

Passalongs are the most common type of viral campaign. Any post which is shared and reshared to a large audience. More sharing leads to wide brand recognition.

Buzz Viral Campaign

This marketing type focuses on creating a rumor, gossip, a story or any controversy of your brand so that it grabs maximum attention and becomes viral.

Disadvantages of viral marketing campaigns

● Viral marketing relies on authentic and original content. It is difficult to get creative unique content that is appealing to the audience. Do not imitate the content. Audience rejects repetitive contents.
● Once your post goes viral, it is difficult to control it or turn it off from the masses.

Viral Marketing Strategies

  • ● Create content aiming to hit your target audience.

  • ● Brainstorm ideas and use your creative mantra to birth new content.

  • ● Utilize a lot of images and videos.

  • ● Manage to use a simple and casual tone. Emit humility when you're creating your brand's content.

  • ● Click on audience sentiments using emotional content tactic.

Techniques to Boost Viral Marketing Campaigns

  • ● Devising an excellent marketing plan.

  • ● Create content which is motivational or inspirational. Motivational content is shared widely because people living in this fast paced world seek for wise advice.Instagram

  • ● Involve the audience to give testimonials and reviews about your brand.

  • ● Make unique and interesting content infusing humor and all the positive emotions. Create outstanding content which is so engaging that it moves the audience's mind.

  • ● Involve a celebrity or an influencer to promote your product. People love their celebrities and get easily influenced by them which is helpful for your brand.

  • ● Create a worthwhile cause to spread your post. People admire your brand’s action to support any deserving cause.

Types of posts that go viral

  • ● Puzzles and quizzes

  • ● Case studies

  • ● Infographics

  • ● Personality quiz

  • ● Motivational content

  • ● Humanized stories

  • ● How to guides lists

In conclusion, these viral marketing campaigns are a buzz right now. Create outstanding, never have I seen this content to be noticed in this crowd of viral brands. Proper plan and the right content helps in enlarging your brand recognition in the long term. Follow the current online business trend. Well sometimes you might get lucky to go viral without any effort.
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