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You're welcome at ClickBox Agency, where we teach you the best digital marketing in Coimbatore. Staying ahead isn't just a good thing to do in today's fast-paced digital world; it's a must. Our in-depth digital marketing classes are meant to give you the skills and information you need to succeed in the constantly changing world of online marketing.

Sign up for the best digital marketing certification course in Coimbatore. The course is based on the newest trends in the field, and you'll learn from experts with a lot of real-world experience. You'll also get guaranteed job interviews* with our network of 2000+ hiring partners until you find your dream job.

Take the complete course from Clickbox Agency and start a life-changing journey into the digital world. Explore the intricacies of search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media marketing, and content marketing. Master the art of lead generation and harness the power of design thinking to create captivating campaigns. Delve into the nuances of campaign management and unlock the potential of email marketing. Elevate your skills and become a sought-after digital marketer with our expert-led curriculum

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Our Digital Marketing Course Features

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Experts in Real Time as Trainers

At ClickBox Agency, you will be instructed by industry professionals who are enthusiastic about imparting their knowledge to others. Receive one-on-one mentoring from the professionals.

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LIVE Project

Get the chance to work on real-world projects that will help you learn a lot. Demonstrate your project experience to improve your employment prospects.

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Global Certification

Certify with the ClickBox Agency. Receive the necessary tools to pass global certification exams. 72% of ClickBox Agency students sit for and pass the Global Certification Exam.

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Reasonable Fees

Course fees are not only affordable at ClickBox Agency, but they can also be paid in installments. Ensuring Cost-Effective Quality Training is Our Motto.

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Changes in Flexibility

ClickBox Agency provides the utmost in flexibility. Classroom Instruction or Online Learning? In the late evening or early morning? Do you work on weekdays or weekends? Standard Pace or Rapid Pace? - Choose whatever is most suitable for you.

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Placement Assistance

At Click Box Agency, we prioritize your career success. Not only will you receive top-notch training and certification, but you'll also gain access to our extensive network of 2000+ hiring partners. This means guaranteed job interviews until you secure your dream position. With our support, your career journey is in trusted hands.

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Ignite Your Digital Marketing Career

What You'll Learn in Our Advanced Digital Marketing Course

Module 1 - Digital Marketing Overview

  • Digital Marketing Outline

  • Campaigning Goals

  • Vital Digital Marketing Channels

  • Know-how to devise a Digital Marketing Plan

  • Traditional Marketing versus Digital Marketing

Comprehending SEO

  • Getting to know about Search Engines

  • Get familiar with Crawling and Indexing

  • Google versus Other Search Engines

  • Understanding SEO and Paid Ads

  • What is Black Hat, White Hat, and Grey Hat SEO

Analysis and Research of Keywords

  • In-depth Research on Potential keywords

  • Google Keyword and Planner tool

  • Finding other keywords

  • Deciding your Money keyword

On-Page optimization

  • Fundamentals of HTML

  • Key HTML Tags

  • Title, H1, Meta Description

  • Keyword Density and Prominence

  • Optimization of Content

  • Content-Length

  • Content Quality

  • Content Uniqueness

  • Content Freshness

  • Optimization of Image

Technical SEO

  • URL Structure and Length

  • Analysis of Page Speed


  • 301 Redirects

  • Robots. TXT

  • Internal Linking

  • Sitemaps.XML

  • Essential Schemas to implement

Off-Page Optimization

  • Google Ranking Page

  • Parameter Indicators such as PA and DA

  • How to Add MozBar Chrome Extension

  • Significance of Backlinks

  • Different Techniques of Backlinks

  • Forum Participation

  • Blog Commenting

  • Social BookMarking

  • Classifieds

  • Submission of Directory

  • Video Submission

  • Guest Posting Blog

  • Press Release

  • Infographics

  • Audio Sharing Sites

  • Social Media websites

  • Industry Roundup

  • Business Listing Websites

  • Answering sites

Module 2 - Advanced Link Building

  • Link Wheel

  • Do-Follow Links

  • Link Exchange

  • No-Follow Links

  • Link Juice and Pyramid

Updates ofGoogle Algorithm

  • Florida

  • Big Daddy

  • Vince

  • Caffeine

  • Panda

  • Freshness Algorithm

  • Page Layout Algorithm

  • Venice Update

  • Penguin

  • EMD (Exact Match Domain)

  • Payday

  • Hummingbird

  • Pigeon

  • Mobilegeddon

  • Quality Updates

  • RankBrain

  • Fred

  • Core

Blog Marketing

  • Getting to know about Blogs

  • Blog Creations

  • Engaging the visitors

  • Identifying the right topics to post

  • Periodical Posting

Content Marketing

  • Developing the Original Content

  • Understanding the Content Marketing Strategy

  • Devising a Content Marketing Plan

  • Driving the Specific Audience

Making a Competitor Analysis

  • Competitor Analysis tools

  • Analyzing Competitor Links

  • Understanding the Traffic Analysis of the Competitors

  • Understanding the Traffic Analysis of the Competitors

  • Comprehensive understanding

Website Audit

  • Extensive On-Page SEO Audit

  • Finding the Content Duplication

  • Google Penalty Check

  • Page Speed Audit

  • Console Errors and Warnings

SEO Tools

  • Content Creations Tools

  • Rank Tracker Tools

  • On-Page Optimization Tools

  • Backline Research tools

  • Website Audit Tools

  • Keyword Research Tools

Google - My Business

  • Google Listings Creation

  • Developing Citations

  • Regular Posting

  • Reviews

  • Managing the Negative Reviews

Google - Search Console

  • Top Search Queries

  • Organic Performance

  • Key Performance Metrics

  • Top Pages

  • Structured Data

  • CTR, Clicks, and Impressions, CTR

  • Using different filters

  • URL Inspection

  • Coverage issue

  • Mobile Usability

  • BreadCrumbs, FAQs, and Logos

  • Site Maps

  • Links

  • Legacy Tools and Reports

  • Security Issues

  • Manual Action

Module 2 -Google Analytics

Setting up Google Analytics and Users in Real Time

  • Content

  • Traffic Source

  • Location

Audience Section

  • Understanding Cohort Analysis

  • Learning about User Explorer

  • Understanding Active User

  • Audiences based on Interests

  • Audiences based on Demographics Classification

  • Understanding Geo

  • Understanding Affinity Audiences

  • Understanding In-Market Audiences

  • Analyzing Audience Behavior

  • Cross-Device Reach

  • Mobile Audiences

  • Understanding User-Flow

  • Understanding Benchmark

Behavior Section

  • Understanding the Behavior Flow

  • Site Search behavior Report

  • Site Content behavior Report

  • Site Speed behavior Report

  • Learning about Events Report

  • Publisher


  • All Traffic

  • Paid Traffic

  • Organic Traffic

  • Referral Traffic

  • Social Media Traffic

  • Search Consoles

  • Google ads

  • Campaigns

  • Social Media

Goal Setting

  • Conversion

  • E-commerce

  • Goals

  • Multi-channel funnels

  • Product Linking

  • AdSense Linking

  • Google Ads

  • 3rd Party Application Linking

Module 3 - Reporting

Get Acquainted with SEM

  • Selecting the right Keywords

  • Campaign creation

  • Video Ad

  • Texted Ad

  • Images Ad

  • Animated Ad

  • YouTube Marketing

  • Re-marketing

Google Search Ads

  • PPC Campaign Creation

  • Ad Rank

  • Quality Score

  • Ad Groups

  • Budgeting of PPC

  • Keywords

  • Creating Text Ads

  • Extension SetUp

  • Knowing the Negative Keywords

  • PPC Campaign Optimization

  • Evaluating the Key Metrics

Google Display Ads

  • Contextual Target

  • Placement Target

  • Interest Targeting

  • Topics Targeting

Remarketing of Ads

  • Standard and Dynamic Remarketing

  • Video Marketing

  • Email Marketing

  • Remarketing lists for the Search Ads

Video Marketing

  • Getting to know about Video Optimization

  • Creator Studios

  • Getting acquainted with Video Platforms

  • Creating videos

  • Creating Youtube Channel

  • Playlists

  • Familiar with Youtube Analytics

  • Advanced Video Optimization techniques

  • Best Practices

Mobile Marketing

  • Marketing via SMS

  • Targeting Mobiles and Paid ads

  • App Store Optimization

  • Differentiating between the Web and Mobile Marketing

  • Familiar with Mobile websites

  • Be acquainted with Responsive websites

  • Making Mobile Apps: An Overview of Native and Hybrid Apps

Whatsapp Marketing

  • Configuring Whatsapp Business

  • Installation

  • Enabling Auto message service

SMS Marketing

  • Finding the Vendors

  • Familiar with Database

  • Transactional SMS vs Promotional SMS

  • Best practices

YouTube Optimization

  • Channel Creation

  • Identifying the keywords for Video marketing

  • Optimizing the Title of the Video

  • Optimization of Tag

  • Creation of Catchy Thumbnail

  • Subscriber Link Optimization

  • Description Hashtag

  • Youtube monetization

Social Media Optimization

  • Getting to know about Group Participation

  • Insight Reports

  • Event Creation

  • Optimizing post with correct HashTags

  • Creation of Social Media Profile

Social Media Marketing

  • Various Social Media Channels

  • Facebook Marketing

  • Instagram Marketing

  • LinkedIn Marketing

  • Twitter Marketing

  • Emerging Social media channels

Designing Tools - Canva

Facebook Marketing

  • Optimization of Facebook Page

  • Creation of Facebook Business Manager

  • Creation of Social Media Profile

  • Creative Ad posting

  • Setup of Audience

  • Bidding Strategy

  • Budgeting strategy

Instagram Marketing

  • Instagram Business Profile Optimization
  • Instagram Marketing Influencer
  • Instagram Paid Marketing in feeds and stories
  • Bidding Strategy
  • Budgeting strategy
  • Creation of Instagram Content Strategy

LinkedIn Marketing

  • LinkedIn Company Page Optimization
  • LinkedIn Ads: Search, InMail, Image, Job Postings, Retargeting
  • Bidding Strategy
  • Budgeting strategy

Twitter Marketing

  • Twitter Marketing to Reach the Brand
  • Instream video ads
  • App installations
  • Twitter followers
  • Retargeting the audience
  • Bidding Strategy
  • Budgeting Strategy

Email Marketing

  • Getting to know about the functioning of Email Marketing
  • Various kinds of Email Marketing
  • Opt-in Email Marketing
  • Setting up of Account for Email Marketing
  • List Setup
  • Web Form
  • Creation of Email Broadcast
  • Setting up of Auto Responder
  • Optimize the Increase Inbox percentage
  • Selecting the best email marketing tool like Mailchimp

Social Media Marketing Tools

  • Google Analytics Certification
  • Google Adword Certification
  • Facebook Certification
  • YouTube Certification
  • HubSpot Certification

Google Adsense

  • Policies of Adsense
  • Being Approved by Google
  • Integration of the code to your blog
  • Adsense Code Generation best practices
  • Making Money Via Adsense
  • Track the Earnings
  • Developing CTR

Affiliate Marketing

  • Getting to know about the Affiliate Marketing
  • Familiar with Affiliate Marketing
  • Legal Policies
  • Obtaining Approval
  • Tracking the Affiliation Codes

Online Reputation Marketing

  • Tools used for ORM
  • SWOT Analysis of ORM
  • Handling the Negative Conversations
  • Devising the ORM

Benefit of Our Digital Marketing Training?

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1. Skilled Teachers:

Our classes are taught by digital marketing pros who have worked in the field for years. You'll learn from experts who have put digital plans into action for other businesses and made them work.

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2. Learning by doing:

We think you should learn by doing. Real-world projects, case studies, and hands-on tasks are all part of our program to make sure you learn skills that you can use right away in the field.

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3. Curriculum Made Just for You:

Our digital marketing lessons are designed to cover a lot of ground, from email campaigns and data to SEO and social media marketing. You are free to pick the specialty that fits with your job goals.

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4. Tools for the Industry:

Keep up with the newest tools and advances in your field. You will get hands-on experience with important digital marketing tools as part of our training. This will make sure you know how to use the tools that professionals in the field do.

Start your road to becoming a master in digital marketing with our top-notch training in Coimbatore. You can get the skills you need to do well in the digital age by joining ClickBox Agency. Sign up now to start your journey to a great job in digital marketing!

Digital Marketing Course FAQs

Our digital marketing course is good for people who want to become marketers, business owners, traders, or just improve their digital marketing skills. No matter how much knowledge you have or how new you are to the subject, our classes are designed to meet your needs.

Our training is unique because our teachers are experts in their fields, we use hands-on learning, and we make sure that our curriculum covers the newest tools and trends. We put a lot of emphasis on real skills so that our students are ready for work when they finish.

Yes! Our classes are made so that newbies can easily fit in. We start with easy themes and work our way up to harder ones. No matter what your past is, our teachers will give you the help and direction you need to understand the ideas.

We teach a lot of different subjects in our course, like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, email marketing, analytics, and more. You can pick a subject that fits your work goals and loves.

The length of the course may change depending on the class chosen. Most of the time, our classes last between two and three months. We know how important it is to be flexible, so we offer choices that can work with different plans.

There aren't any strict requirements, but it can help to have a general idea of how marketing works. Our classes are made to work for students from a wide range of backgrounds, and our teachers give you all the help you need to do well.

Yes, once you finish the digital marketing course and do well, ClickBox Agency will give you a certificate. You can boost your reputation in the job market by getting this qualification.

To make our lessons available, we offer different ways to pay, such as payment plans that you can pay for over time. We may also have grant programs or other ways for you to get money. For more information on how to get financial aid, please contact our admissions team.

Signing up is easy! Go to our website and find the page for signing up. To finish the registering process, follow the steps given. You can get in touch with our admissions team if you need help or have any questions.

Of course, we help our kids find jobs. This includes help with resumes, tools for finding jobs, and chances to network. As you move forward in your job, we want to help you become great in digital marketing.



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